Sunday, July 14, 2013

No, I'm not counting down the days!!! School Lunch ideas

22 Days ;)  Until School starts. 

Don't get me wrong,  I've enjoyed spending time with the kiddos and we've had so much fun.  I know once the madness of school begins I'll be missing the lazy days of Summer.  However, the emails are starting to roll in about school schedules, PTO business and school supplies.   I have a little problem collecting office supplies, so I did let the kids raid my supply and go down the new lists.  Of course, there are always items that catch me by surprise, so we headed down to Walmart to browse the supplies and complete our lists.  All that being said,  it got me in the "School Prep. Mode"  and I searched good 'ol Pinterest for some new lunch ideas.  We don't buy lunch around here and it's actually become kind of fun to come up with new stuff and pack it up in the mornings. 

The kids and I came up with their favorites and we'll choose from the list and shop for the week ahead.

While I'm always open for more ideas,  I thought I'd share my list too.

Main Dish
Pretzel Stacks
Chicken Salad
Shredded Chicken Sandwich
Greek Pitas
Pasta Salad
Asian Chicken Salad
Orzo Salad
Fresh PBJ (Strawberries/Bananas)
Taco Salad
Pizza Skewer
English Muffin Pizza
Grilled Chicken with honey mustard
Hummus and Pita
Macaroni and cheese
Bean and veggie wrap
Broccoli and cheese muffins
Pizza pinwheels
English Muffin Sandwich
Italian Sub Sandwich
Shredded chicken teriyaki Hawaiian roll sandwich
Bagel and Cream Cheese
Bean Burrito
Fruit:  Pineapple, raisins, apples, grapes
Chips and Salsa
Sweet Peas
Trail mix
Carrots, broccoli /ranch
Fruit cups
Banana Chips
Yogurt Pretzels
Asian Mix
Yogurt tubes
Little bread and spread cheese


Sunday, June 30, 2013

If you don't want to buy it...make it :)

After a move and a new, beautiful place to paint,  I was inspired by a painting I saw for sale for almost $300! I really wanted it for my new bathroom.  
So here it is: 

Oil on Canvas
16" x 20"

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mom's Summer Camp 2013

I can't believe it's already Summer time!  I am prepared again with another round of Mom's Summer Camp at the kids request.  We've relocated back to the desert, which I thought was going to make the creation of activities more challenging, but it hasn't been the case.   Here's the line-up:

1) Bird Week- Make bird houses, bird coloring competition, make birds out of clay, make feeders, botanical gardens, Epic Movie, Park Days.

2) Chocolate Week- Make stuff with modeling chocolate, Little chocolate mouse craft, Chocolate pudding painting, visit chocolate store, chocolate fondue night.

3) Science week- Planetarium, Science museum, crazy experiments(Pinterest has a bunch) and wacky food recipes.

4) Camping Week- Foil food for dinners, camp out in the living room,Fort making competitions, roast marshmallows(smores), crafts(Pinterest), Drive up to the mountains for a picnic.

5) Painting/Art Week- Huge canvas art (Michaels sells gigantic ones) Make our own paint, Face painting, painting tiles for a wall in the yard, Art museum day, Paintball.

6) Veggie Week- Learn and cook with Veggies, Asian Market, Farmers Market, plant our own.

7) 50's week- Music, "The Diner Experience", Dance, Bowling Cooking Week- Make our own cream cheese, mozzarella and butter. Visit to Shamrock Farms Dairy. Let the kids choose and help out with dinner and lunches.

9) Earth Week- Awareness projects, recycle project, upcycle art, visit biosphere.

You can look me up on Pinterest ----->   the board "Mom's Summer Camp"  has most of the craft and experiments that we'll be incorporating in to the weeks.

Here is a link to the last couple of years too! 

Have a great Summer!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8" x 10"

A DPW Challenge - The Broken Egg Challenge

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Would you sleep on the ocean floor?

As a huge ocean phobe, I can't even imagine relaxing in a place like this:  The thought of tons of water just above my head is just not comforting.....  While I think it's super cool and would love to just check it out and maybe dine at one of its 6 restaurants, there's no way I could sleep there. 
 But, what would be fun, is to Scuba around and scare people!  

The Poseidon Undersea Resort is in Fiji is a full scale resort complete with a submarine available to its guests. 

 You enter the Mystery Island down through an elevator.  It offers a Spa, Fitness area and all the emenities that you would expect from an exclusive resort.

 It just opened in 2010 and for around $15,000 a person,
you can enjoy this amazing experience yourself!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

An opportunity to learn: Annular Solar Eclipse Tonight

   I get excited about "space stuff". Stars, commets, phases of the moon, costillations, you name it.  Tonight is a cool event that you can be sure I'll share with the kiddos.  The Annular Solar Eclipse, where about 94% of the the Sun's surface will be obstructed by the Moon from our Southern California view.  It isn't a complete eclipse tonight though.  Since the moon travels around the earth in a oval orbit, it sometimes appears larger depending on what part of the oval it's in.  Tonight it is farther away from the Earth, making it appear smaller and not completely covering the Sun.


Here is an easy and fun little project for viewing tonights eclipse:

Get two pieces of cardboard--one piece colored white to project onto. Cut a square in one cardboard, then tape a piece of foil over the square. Now make a pinhole in the middle of the foil.
With the sun behind you, hold the pinhole cardboard as far from the white cardboard as you can.
Remember, the farther you are from the screen, the bigger your image.

Need an easier way?
Criss-cross your fingers waffle style to the sunlight, which will project the partial eclipse on the ground in front of you, according to NASA.

What time??
In the United States, the eclipse begins around 5:30 pm PDT. For the next two hours, a Moon-shaped portion of the sun will go into hiding. Greatest coverage occurs around 6:30 pm PDT.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Could this be the sugar solution?

I don't know why I didn't think of it before....duh!  Grow my own Stevia?  Hmmmm.   It came to my attention via a Facebook post that I could grow my own sweetener.   You'll recall that I have slowly been researching healthy alternatives, see here, and making the changes that I feel relevant to me and my family.  You also know that there is a great sugar debate, Sugar vs. Splenda vs. Stevia.  I've gone full circle and as far as I can tell a naturally grown sweetener just makes sense. 

What is Stevia?  Basically, it's a plant.  Its leaves have gotten a ton of attention as a sweetener and for many health benefits. 

So, why a sweetener?  It is 30 times sweeter than sugar, does not effect blood glucose levels, does not get metabolized thus no calories. 

Why grow it?  Well, how about saving money and having a natural sweetener available in my back yard.  In my part of the world, Southern California, it grows pretty well.  They can grow in containers or raised beds too.  The leaves are easily harvested, dried and chopped into the Stevia powder that we are familiar with. 

I'm going to give this a try......  I'll let you know how it goes.  I better get on it, harvest is in the Fall.

There's a ton of information on the Stevia plant, its benefits and how to grow it Here,
 if your interested in more info.